Qingdao yingguang innovation technology co., LTD.

      Qingdao yingguang innovation technology co., LTD. By nanjing university postdoctoral team was founded in March 2017, the company is located in Qingdao international postdocs innovation pioneer park, the company developed by Dr. Composed of professional management team, can put forward all kinds of technical requirements, according to the customer after the interaction provide cost-effective and quality reliable product design.
      Company focus on UV LED application technology research and industrialization, the application areas are: analysis detection, photochemical catalysis, anti-counterfeiting, communication positioning and disinfection sterilization, and other fields, the main products include: air and water quality analysis detector, disinfection health products, industrial and scientific research level UV module, customized system solutions.
      The company has passed the ISO9001 management system certification, and the products are currently tested by CE, CQC, SGS, Guangzhou Microelectronics Institute, Wuxi Customs Inspection Center, CAN Testing Center and other relevant testing structures certification and testing, the products are also in line with the RoHS directive and REACH regulations, the company has more than 30 national patents.
      The company is committed to the design, development, production and sales services of sterilization solutions in various industries. At present, the mass production of products is applied to: household appliances, electronic FMCG, rail transit, scientific research institutes and other fields. At present, the product application categories cover more than 200 products, a wide range of fields and scope.
      Adhering to the concept of protecting health and creating a better life, the company actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation with experts from domestic and foreign research institutes and universities, provides services for customers, and helps promote the development of UV LED health industry.

Qingdao Yingguang Innovation Technology Co., LTD



Cooperation with the customer





In December 2022

Qingdao Yingguang won the top 10 UV LED module revenue  

In June 2022

The overflow UV LED sterilizer has become the first product of the same kind approved by the water sanitation license in Shandong Province  

In March 2022

F108 overflow 2L/min mass production  

In June 2021

·F102 over-flow 6L/min mass production
· Research and development of F106 photoefficient bactericidal water nozzle

In April 2021

Won "Technology Innovation Award" of Jiangsu Water Purification Industry Association  

In October 2020

Participated in the compilation and formulation of the group standard "Technical Specification for GUV LED Sterilization And Disinfection Equipment"  

In July 2020

Cooperate to develop elevator sterilization project mass production and market  

In December 2019

S209, S101, S205, S207 series water sterilization module mass production  

In December 2019

Mass production of sterilization package module

In December 2019

Public transport sterilization project mass production on the market  

In November 2019

Team integration registered Qingdao yingguang Innovation Technology Co., LTD  

In March 2019

Development of portable sterilizer module completed  

In March 2017

Set up a research and development team to carry out joint research and development of deep UV LED application technology